Philosophy and Method of Social Sciences


The book “Philosophy and Method of Social Sciences” by Prof. Hmiad Parsania was selected as the winner in the 25th edition of the Book of the Year Conference in the Seminary.

Publisher: BustaneKetab
Author: Hamid Parsania
ISBN: 9789640925102

The book “Philosophy and Method of Social Sciences” consists of 10 lectures and articles that address a portion of the epistemological challenges of modern science. Firstly, it focuses on the ontological and epistemological aspects, and secondly, their direct and immediate influence on the identity of science. It explores the developments of these challenges in interaction with the transformations of science.

Additionally, it explores the corresponding epistemological challenges in Islamic culture, particularly in Iran, and highlights their logical capacities for interaction and the development of knowledge and necessary theories for the Islamic society through discussions and conversations.

The most important concepts discussed in this work from the perspectives of ontological and epistemological dimensions are as follows: reason, revelation, transmission, intuition, method, empirical science, deductive science, secular science, and religious science.

The book consists of 10 chapters with the following titles:

Reconsidering the Identity and Meaning of Human Sciences
Evolutions of the Meanings of Reason
The Influence of Transformations in the Meaning of Reason on Modern Philosophy and Social Sciences
The Relationship between the Concept of Reason in the Quran and Narratives with Reason in Islamic Culture and History
Developments in the Meaning of Science and Human Sciences in the Modern World and the Islamic World
The Essence of Religious Science
Methodology of Religious Science
The Essence of Islamic Human Sciences
Rationality of Intuition
Knowledge is Power

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