God-oriented Spiritual psychotherapy: a multidimensional model Based on Holly Quran and Hadith


Publisher: Int’l Association of Islamic Psychology

Authors: Masoud Janbozorgi, Masoud Azarbayejani, Hamid Rafiei-Honar


The God Oriented spiritual psychotherapy (God-OSP) is a multidimensional model that has evolved from a religious approach based on the Holy Quran. Using the clinical phenomenological research method and eliciting the needs of clinical clients for spiritual interventions during psychotherapy, the Holy Quran and reliable religious sources were examined with the qualitative analysis method to answer those needs. The techniques and methods were first used for people suffering from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders with the consent of the many clients and with the consultation of the treatment staff during more than 15 years. Today, this model of psychotherapy is going through its application and development stages in various clinical fields. The findings from the analysis of religious sources (Quran and Hadiths) showed that spirituality is the basic foundation of human identity. Humans have an innate capacity to give correct meaning to things. Deactivating or destroying the relationship of man with God makes his capacity to give meaning correctly vulnerable. Psychological traumas during childhood and adulthood also sometimes provide the basis for this deactivation and creation of perceptual errors and meaningfulness. These psychological traumas destroy both a person’s identity and the integrity of his interpretation and meaning-making of phenomena. God-OSP by activating the innate intellect as the most important internal source unifying the personality, and activating the spiritual dimension through the correction of the client’s relationship with God, and provides a mechanism for the return of psychological balance to the individual, by deconceptualizing the wrong meaning of the four perceptual areas of man; The origin, resurrection, self and objective existence, not only eliminate the signs and contexts of disorders, but also lead the clients to transcendence. This method of psychotherapy has gained a lot of experimental evidence in Iran and is used in various fields of disorders. Follow-ups up to 5 years indicate the permanence of treatment results.


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